Restoration 3.2

Restoration is a handy file recovery application developed by Brian Kato
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Brian Kato

Restoration is a handy file recovery application developed by Brian Kato. This portable yet solid and powerful utility is really user friendly and straightforward, as a matter of fact this tool is able to restore deleted files which were already located in the recycle bin or even if they were directly erased by Windows Explorer.

Restoration can recover files from everywhere including eliminated image files from a Flash card (even if it has already been formatted), deleted mp3 format files from a mp3 or mp4 player, erased files and archives from a USB Flash drive. Once you start the program, it will enable you to carry out a filtered scan. You can focus only on files format that you want to recover specifically, thus limiting the outcome to a particular search criterium by means of a search term or a file extension. It does not matter if it is a FAT or a NTFS file system, Restoration has the ability to work with any of them.

Restoration is very quick, practical, easy to use and effective, you do not even need to install the program, in this way it will leave no trash in your system. It is also free. So you know, if you have accidentally deleted a file and think it's the end of the world, do not be alarmed, there's a simple and free solution.

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